Sweat Control: 15 Ways to Dominate Perspiration

Does it feel like sweat has taken over your life? Do you avoid certain situations, clothes or physical contact because you’re embarrassed of your sweat?

Luckily, there are ways to control it. Here are a few tips you can use throughout your day to dominate perspiration and get your sweat under control:

Daily Sweat Control Tips

Use a Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant

First, try switching up your antiperspirant. Deodorants only conceal the odor, while antiperspirants block the sweat.

Clinical or prescription strength antiperspirants are the strongest. They have a higher percentage of aluminum, the active ingredient that clogs sweat glands and reduces sweating. You can find some over-the-counter clinical strength antiperspirants or speak with your doctor if you need something stronger.

Apply Antiperspirants Correctly

Most of us apply antiperspirant in the morning. But did you know that doctors recommend using it at night?

Antiperspirant is more effective when it’s applied at night, so the ingredients have the chance to absorb into the skin. Applying antiperspirant at night also helps reduce skin irritation.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is vital for everyone — it’s especially crucial if you sweat a lot.

Drinking plenty of water can lower our core temperatures and reduce sweating. Experts recommend women drink nine cups a day and men should drink 13.

Sweat Control at Work

Wear a Sweat Proof Undershirt

A sweat proof undershirt adds a second layer of protection to stop sweat from seeping through your clothes at work. Thompson Tee’s patented sweat proof technology blocks 100% of armpit sweat from staining your clothes.

Wear a Sweat Resistant Dress Shirt

While it would be nice, the reality is most of us can’t wear workout clothes or tank tops to work. So, what’s a professional to do?

Luckily, it’s possible to look sharp while controlling sweat at work. Enter sweat resistant dress shirts.

Sweat proof dress shirts like Lawrence Hunt are made with venting, mesh, athletic fabric built into the underarms to eliminate sweat stains. Combine it with a sweat proof, and you’re ready for the most nerve-wracking presentation.

Pick the Right Patterns and Colors

Avoid light colors like white and gray that show sweat. Bright colors can also be problematic when it comes to concealing sweat stains. Opt for a pattern, print, or dark color — they tend to hide the sweat better.

Keep a Second Antiperspirant at Work

Does your antiperspirant seem to wear off in the middle of the day? Did you sweat it all out during a stressful meeting? Bring your antiperspirant with you to work or keep an extra stash in your desk so you can reapply as needed.

Avoid Spicy Foods at Lunch

Eating spicy food raises your body temperature and triggers your sweat glands. If you’re prone to sweating, skip the Siracha sauce on those tacos at lunch.

Sweat Control at the Gym

Ditch the Hat

Do you wear a hat at the gym? Notice a lot of sweat coming from your head and face during exercise?

The forehead and face contain more eccrine sweat glands than any other part of the body. When your body temperature rises, these glands are the first to respond.

When exercising, it’s important to keep your head cool to avoid unnecessary sweat. Instead of a hat, wear a headband with moisture-wicking fabric to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

Select Loose-Fitting, Lightweight Gym Clothes

Lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton and loose-fitting clothing will help sweat evaporate faster.

Invest in Athletic Clothing

Athletic wear wicks away moisture much quicker than standard fabrics. Check the label and look for fabrics that tout moisture-wicking abilities. They may be more expensive, but worth the extra comfort to control sweat at the gym.

Don’t Wear Clothes Twice Without Washing

When you’re down to your last pair of socks, it can be tempting to grab a pair from your hamper as you run out the door.

The clothes you’ve worn while exercising are sure to be extra sweaty. Be sure to wash your exercise clothing after every wear to avoid harboring bacteria.

Change Footwear Often

If you have sweaty feet, make sure to change your shoes and socks often. You can also sprinkle some baking soda or foot powder on the soles of your shoes to absorb extra sweat.

Sweat Control at Night

Look at The Label

When it comes to bed linens, follow a similar rule as you would for your clothing. Look for breathable, lightweight fabrics. Fabrics such as cotton are more breathable than silk or flannel. Skip the down comforter and opt for a lightweight duvet or blanket instead.

Cool it Down

Keep your bedroom ventilated. Investing in a good fan or portable air conditioner to keep your room cool and help you sleep better.

Get Guaranteed Sweat Control With Thompson Tee

Get guaranteed sweat control anywhere with a Thompson Tee undershirt. The proprietary layering and stitching system blocks sweat from seeping through. As you move around, air is pulled in, facilitating reverse osmosis and allowing sweat to escape as a vapor. Thompson Tee undershirts can endure the most intense sweating events and last up to a year’s worth of washes.

Ready to finally get your sweat under control? Try a Thompson Tee risk-free for 30 days.

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