Designed in USA

An inside look at the Thompson Tee manufacturing process

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Designed in USA

Thompson Tee products are designed in the USA, and manufactured in American and global facilities with the highest fair labor and environmentally-friendly standards.

Here's a deep dive into how our undershirts are made from start to finish.

1. Fabric

Like all clothes, we start with the fabric. We use ring-spun cotton, rayon bamboo, Spandex and polyester blends converted from high-quality yarn. Then, we dye the fabric to meet our specifications and standards, and maintain consistency and quality.

2. Cutting

Next, the fabric is cut. We work with licensed garment cutters to inspect the integrity of the fabric and create samples. Then, the fabric is spread across long cutting tables in multiple layers. Certain patterns are hand-cut while other patterns are cut with a laser-guided cutting machine. The patterns are then bundled and prepped for the next step — sewing.

3. Sewing

We work with specialty sewing operators in the United States and Mexico to assemble the cut patterns into our finished products.

4. Printing

All Thompson Tee undershirts have a screen-printed inner neck label that outlines necessary garment information such as content, origin, sizing and care instructions. We work with garment-licensed screen printers who also conduct a second quality inspection before the final product is folded and bagged for protection.

5. Labeling and Packaging

All systems go! We pack and ship every order directly from our headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. This enables us to bring our products to you as fast as possible.

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Our apparel designers, customer service team, warehousing and marketing are 100% U.S.-based.

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Creating U.S. Jobs

The majority of our products are both designed and made in the USA. We're big advocates of creating and keeping as many jobs in the USA as possible.

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No Sweat Shops

No sweat shops — guaranteed. We are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of garment workers.

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EPA Compliant

We fully comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards to protect our planet. Our streamlined manufacturing processes help to reduce our carbon footprint.