Thompson Tee Reviews from Around the Globe

We created the Thompson Tee to help you control your sweating — in any environment. We combined the best features of an undershirt, with patented, underarm sweat proof technology that blocks excessive underarm sweat. No pit stains or wet marks. Guaranteed.

Customer Testimonial

Justin N., High School Teacher

"From the beginning of my teaching career, I've had to deal with sweaty armpits. I've tried everything...sweat pads, prescription deodorants, none of it worked. A friend of mine suggested the Thompson Tee...It's a miracle!"


Our 200,000 customers from over 135 countries agree — pit stains suck.

We've made it our mission to end the battle against wet marks and stains once and for all with the sweat proof Thompson Tee. Made with patented, Hydro-Shield sweat barriers, our shirts block 100 percent of pit stains.