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9 Tricks to Outwit Your Coffee Sweats (Without Kicking the Habit)

Coffee is a staple in most American’s daily routine. Who doesn’t like an extra jolt of caffeine to kickstart the day cure the mid-afternoon slump? And while “a little coffee never hurt nobody,” too much could unleash the dreaded coffee sweats.

What Are Coffee Sweats?

Coffee sweats occur from drinking excess caffeine — a key ingredient in most coffee beverages. 

Why does coffee make you sweat? As a stimulant, caffeine revs up your nervous system. And because of this heightened response, your body produces sweat to regulate your internal temperature.

So really, coffee sweating and caffeine sweating go hand-in-hand. And with 80 percent of American adults consuming caffeine every day, coffee sweats are a real and pervasive issue for many people.

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

The FDA defines “moderate” daily caffeine consumption as 100-200 mgs (1-2 cups) while the Mayo Clinic says up to 400 mgs is safe for healthy adults.

Some people are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine, especially those who don’t drink it regularly. Certain health conditions, medications, age and weight all influence your reaction to caffeine, according to the Mayo Clinic. That's why your co-worker can guzzle Tumblers of black coffee like it’s no body’s business and half a cup leaves you dripping in sweat.

Fighting coffee sweats starts with striking the right caffeine balance for you; everyone’s threshold is different. To find your caffeine sweet spot, experiment to see what your body can tolerate without experiencing unfavorable effects.

Tips to Stop Coffee Sweats

If coffee is making you sweat, you might be consuming too much caffeine for your body to metabolize. But if you can’t seem to kick your coffee cravings, try these tips instead:

1. Brew Your Own

Unless you do your java research, it’s hard to know how much caffeine is lurking in your coffee. Brew your own coffee to better control your caffeine intake.

2. Measure Your Grinds

If you shake some grounds into the filter “until it looks right,” you might be consuming extra caffeine. But how much? The only way to know for sure is to measure. Follow the measurement instructions outlined on the coffee container, and adjust up or down based on your sweating response.

3. Cut Back on Stimulants

If you drink caffeinated coffee coupled with other stimulants (like energy drinks, soda, pre-workout supplements, etc.), your caffeine intake could be too high. To curb the coffee sweats, try sticking to one caffeine source a day.

4. Switch to Tea

Some teas also contain caffeine — but only about half the amount as coffee. If you need to drink a hot beverage throughout the day, switch to tea to get a caffeine kick and appease your regular coffee habits.

5. Find a Decaf Alternative

Decaf might be the laughing stock of coffee lovers, but if your body can’t take the heat from caffeine, it's is worth a try.

6. Reduce the Brew time

For brewing methods like French press and pour over — where the beans and water make contact — brew time matters. Allowing the water and grinds to sit for too long can extract a little more caffeine. Cut down the brew time to reduce the caffeine and extra sweat.

7. Eat With Your Coffee

Coffee sweats result from your body metabolizing caffeine. Having a food buffer with your morning Joe can slow the caffeine absorption rate and reduce your coffee sweats. Learn 10 foods that reduce sweating.

8. Swap Coffee for Low-Dose Caffeine Pills

Caffeine pills do allow you to control your caffeine intake and potentially reduce sweating as a result. If the heat from coffee also makes you sweat, subbing the warm stuff for a pill could reduce your sweating.

9. Get Some Extra Sweat Protection

If you can’t live without coffee or just want an extra layer of sweat defense, try a sweat proof undershirt. Thompson Tees contain a patented underarm barrier that absorbs sweat and releases it as vapor — so you don't even realize you’re sweating. You'll never have to worry about coffee making you sweat again!

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