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How can one t-shirt change your life?

It might be hard to believe that one shirt has the power to restore your confidence and keep you dry all day long. But we’re not your typical T-shirt company.

As a sufferer of hyperhidrosis since I can remember, I had learned to live with my condition – practicing ridiculous deodorant rituals, swearing off colored shirts and doing everything imaginable to conceal my underarm sweat marks. In sales, sweating right through my undershirts and dress shirts was uncomfortable, embarrassing and not to mention expensive.

I knew there had to be another way. But after scouring the market for a comfortable and effective sweat proof undershirt, I found nothing.

So I set out to create a solution for excessive sweaters myself. When I consulted my long-time friend and apparel guru Randy Choi for advice, I discovered he suffered from cranial hyperhidrosis and even underwent an unsuccessful ETS surgery that only intensified his sweating problem.

We could both relate to the struggles people with excessive sweating experience and the pain involved in many “treatments” on the market including harmful aluminum deodorants and invasive surgeries like ETS.

Together, Randy and I spent more than 10 years developing a lightweight, breathable, comfortable and truly integrated underarm barrier that would completely absorb sweat and withstand the toughest sweat events.

In 2014, our work paid off – earning the only U.S. Patent for our Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology. So toss out your preconceived notions of an undershirt.

We're the only patented sweat proof T-shirt that saves your clothes and your self-confidence - a difference you won't understand until you put it to the test. Freedom. Comfort. Confidence. That's our motto and what informs every product decision we make.

This commitment also extends to our manufacturing processes. It's why we declined a lucrative offer to take production overseas and took matters into our own hands to provide premium, U.S. materials and stay 100-percent made in the USA.

Our mission is to provide a safe, affordable and convenient solution to excessive underarm sweat and open a dialogue around hyperhidrosis so others don’t have to close themselves off to the world or constantly agonize over the appearance of sweat stains. And nothing gives us more pride that hearing the success stories of customers we diligently serve every day.

- Billy Thompson


Billy Thompson

Randy Choi




Our specialized textile process does not contain or emit any VOCs.



We chose to manufacture the Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology in the USA. We are committed to ensuring the highest possible quality standards.



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See the Thompson Tee in Action

Thompson Tee co-founder Billy Thompson demonstrates how Thompson Tee's Hydro-Shield technology blocks even the most intense moisture.

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Thompson Tee Customer Shares His Story

Working in corporate sales operations, Joe Dopirak was desperate for a solution to his embarrassing underarm sweating, but nothing seemed to work. Then he found the Thompson Tee.

Watch this video to learn how the Thompson Tee helped Joe subdue the effects of hyperhidrosis, avoid invasive treatments and medications and regain his confidence.

"Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed."

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