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Posted by Billy Thompson on May 13th 2021

All the Best Undershirts for Travel, Ranked

You may have forgotten the finer points of choosing travel clothing during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Luckily, not much has changed. However, choosing the best travel undershirt is something many people … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on May 11th 2021

What Colors Show Sweat the Least?

If you sweat a little extra when you’re out in public, your closet has likely grown into a sea of white. Although white dress shirts hide sweat, no one wants to wear the same color day in and day out. … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on May 7th 2021

Natural Deodorant Ingredient Labels Explained

Natural deodorant solutions are surging in popularity. Now that we have so many options to choose from, sifting through the marketing BS to find a truly natural deodorant can be tricky and time-con … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on May 7th 2021

7 Tips for Switching to Natural Deodorant

Switching to natural deodorant is a bit easier said than done. We share 7 tips you need to know if you're making the move to natural deodorants.  What to Expect When Switching to Natural D … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on May 7th 2021

8 Deodorant Alternatives to Keep Your Pits Dry

Are you tired of looking for natural deodorants that actually work to stop sweat and odor? If you don't prefer using harsh chemicals but still sweat excessively, the deodorant aisle probably d … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Apr 30th 2021

My Antiperspirant Doesn’t Work! What Should I Do?

Let’s face it. Sometimes, antiperspirant just doesn’t work as advertised! If you layer it on every morning but still find sweat rings around your pits by noon, you’re not alone. The good news … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Apr 30th 2021

Is Deodorant Toxic? 5 Controversial Toxins in Antiperspirant

We’re exposed to hundreds of toxins each day – through the food we eat and the air we breathe. In recent years, these chemicals (and their effects on our health) have come under close scrutiny. Tha … read more