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How to Not Be Nervous for an Interview

Nerves and sweat are inevitable when you're interviewing for your dream job. The moment you walk into that room, your hands turn clammy and sweat starts pouring like you never thought possible. 

Sweating heavily during an interview screams that you're nervous and can't handle pressure. But good news: it's totally manageable. 

Don't let a sweaty, nervous disposition be your future employer's first impression of you. Learn how to control nervousness and sweating in an interview so your true self can shine. 

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How to Get Rid of Nervousness (And Sweat) in an Interview

If you're a heavy sweater, job interviews can be a dreadful experience. When you’re nervous, your body’s fight or flight system activates, sending a rush of hormones into your body.

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We'll cover a few ways to help you manage your sweat so you can focus on nailing that job interview. Here are the best tips to control sweating in the interview and put your best foot forward:


Take advantage of the confidence boost that preparation gives you. Do your homework — research the company, study your résumé so you can speak confidently about your experience. Do mock interviews with different people to get comfortable answering a variety of interview questions.

Wear a Sweat Proof Undershirt

This life-hack is crucial for your preparation as well. Wearing a sweat proof undershirt can help contain armpit sweat and odor so you look presentable throughout the entire interview.

Check out the Thompson Tee, which is the only sweat proof undershirt for men and women guaranteed to conceal sweat marks. The built-in patented Hydro-Shield technology traps sweat and releases it as vapor — meaning no pit stains and no armpit odor! You can even try it risk-free for 30 days for a much-needed confidence boost.

Be on Time

Running late to an interview is stressful and does nothing for your nerves or sweat glands. Make sure to arrive with plenty of time so you're not sweating unnecessarily from the get-go.

Take Deep Breaths

Spend a few minutes in your car or the waiting room to focus on breathing. Take five or 10 slow, deep breaths to recalibrate and calm your nerves before the interview. Listening to relaxing music on the drive can also help keep you cool and collected.

Don’t Apply Lotion

You have the good sense to shower before the interview. By lathering up in lotion right before is never a good idea.

If you must apply lotion, allow plenty of time for it to absorb into your skin — or you'll sweat it off in the interview. The slimy feeling will distract you — or worse — end up on the hand of the interviewer (gross).

Clean Your Hands

Avoid the dreaded clammy palms. No one likes a sweaty handshake, so bring a small handkerchief or cloth to wipe your hands before extending that hand (and avoid using your pants as a substitute).

We also recommend applying some hand sanitizer right before the interview (and after, of course) to avoid an unpleasant handshake.

If hand sweat is a serious issue for you, try using a product like Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion. Just keep in mind that it takes about four full weeks to see the full effects.

Avoid Spicy Foods, Nicotine and Alcohol

All three can trigger your sweat glands, so save the coffee for after the interview. You’ll be so pumped on nerves and adrenaline you might not even notice it.

Bring a Cold Bottle of Water

Drinking water before and during the interviewing helps regulate your body temperature so you sweat less.

Here's another tip for those with sweaty hands: Hold the bottle of ice cold water to disguise your sweat. It’s not a foolproof or long-term solution, but it will get you through that end-of-the-interview handshake.

Be Upfront

If you’re comfortable enough, let your interviewer know about your condition. “I apologize in advance, but I have a sweating condition, so my hands might be a little damper than your average interviewer.” It will break the ice, and you’ll feel more comfortable. Plus, the interviewer won't be inclined to dock you points for sweating under pressure.

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