Considering Nervous Sweat Medications? Here’s What to Expect

Nervous sweat is no joke. You never know when it will strike! You could be preparing for a job interview, working on a tough project, or on a first date. If you're dealing with this issue, you’re probably contemplating nervous sweat medications — and for good reason.

Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of nervous sweat medications and what to expect from each.

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Medications That Stop Nervous Sweating

The two main types of nervous sweat medications are beta blockers and benzodiazepines (or benzos).

Beta blockers slow your heart rate by blocking the effects of adrenaline and ultimately reduce sweat. Benzos lessen nervous sweat by triggering a chemical in your brain that calms you down.

Since both of these medications manipulate the two most vital organs in your body, it’s important to learn more about how they could affect you.

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What to Expect When Taking Beta Blocks for Nervous Sweating

Here’s what you need to know about taking beta blockers to treat nervous sweating.

You'll have to monitor your heart rate every day and make sure it doesn’t drop too far below a normal level. If your heart rate doesn’t stay high enough, your body won’t be able to pump enough blood.

Those with low blood pressure should be especially careful with beta blockers for this reason.

Beta blockers also hide signs of low blood sugar. So if you have diabetes, you’ll need to monitor this very closely.

What to Expect When Taking Benzos for Nervous Sweating

Thinking about taking benzos to address your nervous sweating problem? 

Benzos are actually most commonly used to treat anxiety disorders. You've probably heard of Xanax and Valium — two well-known benzodiazepines.

Because benzos calm you down, they help reduce nervous sweating. But these drugs are also highly addictive and not recommended for long-term use.

In fact, one-third of people who take benzos for six months or longer will experience health problems, according to the American Addiction Centers. Yikes!

Beta blockers and benzos may help your nervous sweat problem, but you should exhaust all other (less harmful) options before consulting your doctor.

A Safer Alternative to Nervous Sweat Medications

Nervous sweat medications work differently for everyone, and they come with a lot of risks. There’s also no way to know how much they will actually reduce your sweat.

Even if you sweat less, your sweat marks and sweat stains might still show through your clothes, and your problem won't be completely resolved.

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