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Posted by Billy Thompson on Feb 11th 2019

The Best Antiperspirants — Period

Finding the best antiperspirant is an uphill battle. You want a formula that’s long-lasting, easy to apply, suited to your skin and affordable. You try different brands hoping that one will s … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Jan 24th 2019

The Best Undershirts to Wear Under Dress Shirts

Are you supposed to wear an undershirt under a dress shirt? What’s the best color? How do I choose the right one? Selecting the right undershirt for a dress shirt or suit seems like a simple d … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Jul 13th 2018

Does Shaving Your Armpits Reduce Sweat?

Treating and concealing sweat stains is a full-time job. At some point, you've probably asked: Does shaving your armpits reduce sweat? It’s a valid question. And in this post, we’ll discuss how arm … read more