Appearance Matters: 4 Ways to Be More Confident at Work

Self-confidence is often a key determinant of workplace success. But have you ever wondered how to be more confident at work? Healthy self-confidence is a mixture of many qualities, including a positive attitude, knowledge, skills, and appearance.

People tend to rely on first impressions, which take just seconds. A recent survey of 1,000 hiring managers showed that 90% of employers said having a professional appearance is an important aspect of navigating the hiring process. Basically, we do judge books by their covers – whether we realize it or not.

With that in mind, let’s talk about steps you can take to feel better about your appearance and raise your self-confidence in the workplace and life.

1. Stay Clean

Appearance matters in business, but looking like you just stepped out of GQ or Vogue isn’t necessary. Even if you can’t afford to buy the latest fashions, keeping your clothes clean and pressed plays a powerful role in how others perceive and respond to you.

Nervous sweats or the smell of stress sweat can also lessen others’ perception of your competence, confidence and trustworthiness. Cleanliness isn’t just about looking clean but smelling clean, too!

If you struggle with body odor, bathing regularly helps keep B.O. in check. Add an effective antiperspirant, and you’re good to go.

2. Control Your Sweat

Heavy sweating can be a confidence killer. Showing up to work with sweat marks on your dress shirt or blouse can indicate nervousness or lack of confidence -- even when it’s not your fault.

Try wearing a sweat proof shirt, like the Thompson Tee, under your clothing to add a layer of protection and stay dry and comfortable even in the most stressful situations (like those dreaded performance reviews). Check out Thompson Tees for men and women.

3. Improve Your Posture

Mom always said, “stand up straight!” And she was right. Standing and walking like a half-shut pocket knife does not project an air of confidence or professionalism. But, on the other hand, good posture helps you breathe deeply, enabling you to speak up in meetings and job interviews.

In addition, smiling, making eye contact with people and being friendly all help give the impression of self-confidence. If this is out of your comfort zone, “fake it till you make it” actually works! When the world thinks you’re self-assured, you might eventually believe it too.

4. Dress the Part

When you feel good about your image, it boosts your confidence, which fuels your professional goals. So whether your company dress code is strictly business, business casual or PJ-friendly, wear clothes that fit you well and make you feel comfortable and assured.

Looking your best shows that you pay attention to detail. It also indicates that you can represent a company well when facing potential clients, customers or employees. Looking nice makes you feel good, too, which provides its own confidence boost.

Pro tip: Don’t be a slacker when it comes to Zoom meetings. Working remotely doesn’t mean people aren’t paying attention to what you’re wearing -- or not wearing.

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Eliminate the Fear of Nervous Sweats and Stress Sweats

Sweating profusely through your blouses or dress shirts can distract you from feeling good about yourself. As a hyperhidrosis sufferer, Billy Thompson knows the feeling all too well. Before starting Thompson Tee, he constantly worried about sweat marks showing through his dress shirts, which took a considerable toll on his self-confidence as a salesman.

After developing and wearing a Thompson Tee under his suits religiously, he stopped worrying and even thinking about his problem, and his confidence naturally shot up.

Try a Thompson Tee risk-free today and enjoy the confidence a sweat proof tee can bring!