Does Shaving Your Armpits Reduce Sweat?

Dealing with  underarm sweat can be a pain. At some point, you've probably asked this valid question: Does shaving your armpits reduce sweat?

Technically, the answer is no — shaving your armpits doesn't directly make you sweat less. 

Here's why. Your armpit hair has nothing to do with the reason(s) you're sweating. Sweating occurs when your internal body temperature climbs too high, or when you're nervous, stressed or anxious. Your sweat glands just so happen to be located under your pits.

However, eliminating or keeping armpit hair short can make your antiperspirant more effective, thereby reducing underarm sweat and the appearance of sweat stains. 

In short, shaving your armpits can help reduce sweat — as long as you combine this tactic with another method of underarm sweat protection, like a sweat proof Thompson Tee or your favorite antiperspirant.

How Shaving Your Armpits Can Reduce Sweat and Stains

The long, fluffy tufts of hair under your armpits worsen the appearance of sweat stains for two reasons.

Because hair accumulates and holds moisture more than your naked skin, you pit out faster when you have it. Armpit hair also blocks antiperspirant from penetrating the skin’s surface, plugging your sweat glands and stopping sweat.

If you have armpit hair and sweat more than average, you might get big wet armpit stains quickly even while wearing antiperspirant and an undershirt. Shaving or trimming your hair could help keep your shirts dry a little longer.

Tips on How to Shave Your Armpits Properly

If you’ve never shaved your armpits before, it can be a little intimidating. But don’t worry, it’s easier than shaving your face — we promise.

To shave your armpits and minimize the appearance of sweat stains on your shirts, follow these steps:

1. Rinse Your Armpits With Warm Water

Before you shave your pits, rinse them with warm water — ideally in the shower. The heat and moisture help soften your hair follicles and make nicks and tugging less likely. 

2. Wash and Exfoliate

Once your armpit hair is thoroughly soaked, wash your pits with soap as usual. Then, exfoliate. It’s essential to remove dead skin and make the surface of your armpit as smooth as possible. A softer surface prevents accidental nicks.

How do you exfoliate exactly? By using a body scrub. We recommend trying Olivina Men Exfoliating All-In-One Scrub. Just squeeze some onto a loofah or sponge and scrub away.

3. Apply Shave Gel Or Cream

You can use face shaving cream or gel for your armpits too. Squeeze a nickel-sized amount onto your fingers and apply a thin layer to your armpit.

The shave gel helps the razor glide over your armpit smoothly. It also moisturizes your armpit hair to make it easier to cut. Don’t skip this step or use soap instead of shaving cream if you’ve never shaved your armpits before — you must condition your hair so it won’t be as coarse when you shave it.

4. Shave Your Armpits With a Good Razor

Once you apply shaving cream, it’s time to shave. You’ll probably want to use a different razor than the one you use on your face, but we recommend getting one of similar quality.

It’s best to use a razor with a flexible, removable head and multiple blades. The razor head probably won’t last as long as the one you use for your face since you’ll be shaving longer, coarser hair with it.

To shave your armpit, raise your arm and put your hand on the back of your neck. Doing this creates a flat shaving surface. Then, lightly glide the razor over your armpit from top to bottom. Use the same amount of pressure as you would on your face.

After you shave most of the hair off from top to bottom, shave from bottom to top, and side to side. Unlike facial hair, armpit hair grows in multiple directions. Keep shaving until you remove all of the hair.

5. Apply Aftershave Products — The Right Way

After you remove all of the hair from both armpits, dry them thoroughly before applying any antiperspirant or deodorant. Applying products directly after you shave stings — wait a few minutes before you do this.

You also want to make sure the pit is completely dry before putting on antiperspirant. When your armpits are wet, it can prevent antiperspirant from soaking into your glands and stopping sweat.

Alternatives to Shaving Your Armpits

Not quite sure if you’re willing to shave your armpits? There are other alternatives.

Trim Your Armpit Hair

If you’re not willing to shave all your armpit hair, try trimming it instead.

Use an electric hair clipper to trim your armpit hair. It’s faster and more comfortable than shaving — and requires less upkeep.

If you have straight armpit hair, cut your armpit hair down to an inch or less. This length will be short enough to reduce sweat stains, but long enough to be comfortable. You can use comb guard numbers one through eight.

If you have curly armpit hair, cut it down to 1/8 of an inch using the number 1 comb guard. The hair will be long enough that it won't itch or poke but short enough to reduce sweat stains.

Wear A Sweat Proof Undershirt With Antiperspirant

If trimming and shaving don’t sound like realistic options, try this combination: your #1 antiperspirant + a sweat proof undershirt like the Thompson Tee. Thompson Tees are available in  men's and women's styles, feature built-in sweat guards that prevent sweat from staining your shirt all day — guaranteed or your money back. 

For best results, apply antiperspirant in the evening before bed (make sure your pits are clean and dry), and throw on your Thompson Tee as you get dressed the next day. The result? Less underarm sweat and zero pit stains!

Try the Thompson Tee risk-free today!