The Best Antiperspirants — Period

Finding the best antiperspirant is an uphill battle. You want a formula that’s long-lasting, easy to apply, suited to your skin and affordable. You try different brands hoping that one will stick, but end up wasting time, money and energy. You want dry, comfortable, odorless pits — is that too much to ask?

Now, you can rest easy. We created a comprehensive list of the best antiperspirants for EVERY (and we mean every) situation. Period. 

The 9 Best Antiperspirants for Every Situation

Whether you struggle with Niagara falls-like perspiration, pit stank, yellow stains or skin irritation, you should have an antiperspirant that makes your problem better, not worse. To find the right antiperspirant for you, check out our list below and click the links to learn more.

Best Antiperspirant Overall: Certain Dri Extra Strength Clinical Solid

Our choice for the best overall antiperspirant goes to Certain Dri’s Extra Strength Clinical Solid formula. It’s the best of all worlds — an effective sweat and odor stopper, long-lasting, cruelty-free and gentle on your skin.

Certain Dri Extra Strength Clinical Solid antiperspirant contains 25% aluminum sesquichlorohydrate. This ingredient provides 72 hours of sweat protection and is gentler on your skin than aluminum chloride, the compound used in most clinical-strength antiperspirants.

This product is highly reviewed on Amazon with an average rating of four stars and won’t break the bank. A 1.7-ounce bottle will last you months.

Best Antiperspirant for Hyperhidrosis: ZeroSweat Antiperspirant 

Hyperhidrosis doesn’t mess around and neither should your antiperspirant. If you want seriously strong sweat protection, we recommend ZeroSweat Antiperspirant. It’s made specifically for people with hyperhidrosis.

A 1.0-ounce bottle contains 15% aluminum chloride — the most potent concentration you can get without a prescription. Applying a few strokes of ZeroSweat at night allows the aluminum chloride to seep into your sweat glands and form plugs that prevent perspiration for seven days on average.

Be careful if you have sensitive skin. This antiperspirant is extremely powerful, drying and fast acting. It may cause minor irritation upon first use. If you experience irritation, ZeroSweat recommends applying a small amount of petroleum jelly under your armpits to reduce any discomfort.

Best Antiperspirant for Moderate Sweaters: Degree Men Clean Clinical Protection

If you sweat moderately, you need protection you can count on, but not necessarily the strongest stuff, which could irritate your skin.

Every 1.7-ounce bottle of Degree Men Clean Clinical contains 20% aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex, a relatively newer aluminum compound that causes less skin irritation and discomfort than aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorohydrate.

The formula is suitable for everyday use. Two twists will cover both armpits and provide sweat and odor protection for up to 48 hours. The built-in moisturizers will keep your pits soft and supple. The fresh-out-of-the-shower scent will keep you smelling great all day.

Best Antiperspirant for Sensitive Skin: Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant

Gritting your teeth through the stinging pain of antiperspirant application? Try Fresh’s Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant. It’s gentle and effective.

The combination of aluminum chlorohydrate, oat kernel extract, witch hazel and aloe leaf keep you dry, sweet-smelling and pain-free.

Although this product is a bit pricey, it's great for long-lasting, comfortable protection.

The Safest Antiperspirant for a Toxin-Free Lifestyle: Vanicream Antiperspirant Deodorant

Toxins are a part of everyday life. We’re exposed to low concentrations of them in the food we eat, the products we use and the air we breathe.

Although the FDA deems antiperspirants safe for everyday use, many formulas contain small concentrations of artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives and parabens. While these toxins won’t cause health issues in the short term, studies show long-term exposure to them could cause harm.

If you want to limit your exposure to toxins, try Vanicream Antiperspirant Deodorant. This dermatologist-tested, clinical-strength sweat stopper is free of dyes, fragrances, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde, preservatives, ethanol and gluten. Put on a few swipes before you go to bed for 24-hour protection.

The Best Antiperspirant for Stress Sweat: Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Stress sweat — you don’t always have it, but when you do, it’s profuse and publicly humiliating.

If you experience this condition regularly, you know the horror of discovering your antiperspirant has failed. One minute you’re cool as a cucumber and the next you’re sweating profusely in front of your coworkers, date or friends.

The next time you're gearing up for a big event, arm yourself with Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Dry Spray. This antiperspirant provides 48-hour sweat protection without irritation. Spray two to three bursts under your pits and on any other stress sweat-prone areas for an instantly drier feel.

Don’t worry about white marks and stains either. Unlike other sprays, Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Dry Spray dries instantly to help you stay sweat free without a mess.

Best Antiperspirant for Kids: Tom’s Natural Powder Antiperspirant

When you’re an adult, armpit sweat comes with the territory. But as a kid, it can be a confusing, embarrassing experience — especially if you hit puberty earlier than your friends.

If you notice it’s time for your child to start using underarm protection, we recommend trying Tom’s Natural Powder Antiperspirant. This formula is strong enough to keep sweat and odor away through the first bell, recess, lunch and after-school activities. It’s gentle enough for everyday use and free of fragrances and preservatives.

The best thing about this formula is the smell. Natural plant oils and extracts give Tom’s Natural Powder Antiperspirant its subtle, fresh powder scent. Your child will feel comfortable using this sweet but not overpowering scent.

Best Antiperspirant to Prevent Yellow Stains: Mitchum Gel

When aluminum mixes with the compounds in your sweat, yellow stains can form. If you’ve dealt with them before, you know that yellow stains are pervasive.

Once your shirt is stained, there’s little you can do to return it to normal. You have to go to extreme measures — scrubbing and spot-treating to remove the yellow marks.

One way to prevent this problem is to use a quick-drying antiperspirant like Mitchum Gel. Mitchum Gel gives you powerful 48-hour protection and dries within seconds, so you can slide your shirt over your pits without worrying about stains.

Best Antiperspirant for Your Money: Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave

Sweat and odor protection shouldn’t break the bank. If you want the best sweat protection you can get for the least amount of money, try Gillette’s Clear Gel Cool Wave Antiperspirant Deodorant.

Don’t let the price tag fool you; this antiperspirant is strong. It contains 16% aluminum zirconium and will keep moderate to severe sweating at bay all day.

The clear formula goes on smooth and dries quickly to prevent stains. Customers rate this antiperspirant four stars on Amazon for long-lasting protection and comfort.

Finding an antiperspirant that’s right for you can be challenging. We hope this list helps you narrow down your search and find sweat protection that suits your needs. For more information on antiperspirant, check out our complete guide to antiperspirant.

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