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Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Jan 31st 2018

How to Control Sweating in an Interview and Land the Job

Nervous sweats are inevitable when interviewing. The moment you walk into that room, your hands turn clammy and sweat starts pouring like you never thought possible. Sweating heavily during an inter … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Nov 16th 2017

Why Antiperspirants Can Make You Smell Worse

Armpits smell. And if you're like most, deodorant is your chosen antidote. Millions of people across the world use a variation of armpit protection. In fact, deodorant-donning adults apply it 8. … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Sep 19th 2017

Sweating Through Your Thompson Tee? Try This.

We designed our  sweat proof undershirts to absorb and conceal even the most brutal armpit sweat. If you sweat an extreme amount or suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, you might sweat th … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on May 9th 2017

Thompson Tee on Shark Tank: Here's What You Missed

In case you went on a digital detox last week, Thompson Tee appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank”! On May 5, my co-founder Randy Choi and I faced the “Sharks” — a panel of 5 millionaire and billionair … read more

Posted by RANDY CHOI on Apr 27th 2017

The Breakdown of Hyperhidrosis Surgery Costs

Healthcare is overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to figure out much medical care costs. Hyperhidrosis surgery costs can vary widely depending on your insurance policy, physician, condition … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Apr 4th 2017

What to Expect When Switching to Natural Deodorant

You need to a way to mask underarm sweat and odor but prefer to avoid harsh chemicals. You might turn to natural deodorants as a healthier, gentler alternative to aluminum antiperspirant and other … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Mar 24th 2017

Excessive Underarm Sweating Symptoms: Are They Serious?

A long run. A stressful job interview. Public speaking. Moving heavy boxes. Baking in the hot sun. Our bodies sweat constantly throughout the day. It’s healthy and necessary for our well-being. But … read more