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Posted by Billy Thompson on Dec 6th 2018

The Complete Guide to Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Sweaty hands, changing shirts multiple times a day, sweating bullets even in mild temperatures – these are daily struggles for people with hyperhidrosis. If you sweat excessively, you might fee … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Nov 29th 2018

Sweat Control: 15 Ways to Dominate Perspiration

Does it feel like sweat has taken over your life? Do you avoid certain situations, clothes or physical contact because you’re embarrassed of your sweat?Luckily, there are ways to control it. He … read more

Posted by RANDY CHOI on Nov 22nd 2018

I Underwent Hyperhidrosis Surgery: Here's My Advice

I’m Randy Choi, one of the co-founders of Thompson Tee. Long before I became part of a sweat proof undershirt company, I suffered from cranial hyperhidrosis. When I was a young adult, I decided … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Nov 15th 2018

Is Sweating Bad for You?

Perspiration can be annoying, uncomfortable and embarrassing. But is sweating bad for you?Today we’ll explore the benefits of sweat, whether or not sweating is bad for you and how to manage it. The B … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Oct 24th 2018

2018 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The best time of the year is almost here! Don’t wait until it’s too late to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends. If you’re stumped on what to get for the gentlemen in your life, … read more

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