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Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Aug 22nd 2018

The Best Shirts to Stop Sweating

Some of us are just really sweaty. Whether it’s a medical condition, or you just tend to sweat more than your friends, sweating is a part of daily life. But when sweat stains start to creep thro … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Aug 9th 2018

Your Guide to Finding the Best Men's Undershirt

The white classic undershirt. What started as standard-issue Navy wear has morphed into men’s wardrobe staple. But thousands of options exist today — and not all are created equal. H … read more

Posted by Thompson Tee on Jul 24th 2018

Sweaty Questions: Should You See a Hyperhidrosis Doctor?

There’s a lot of misinformation about hyperhidrosis.It has no definitive cure. There are many types, causes and reasons for excessive sweating — not all treatments work for everyone. So how do … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Jul 23rd 2018

Dermira and TheraVida: New Hyperhidrosis Drugs to Watch

Did you know more than 15 million Americans have hyperhidrosis — or nearly 5 percent of the population? New data reveals that more Americans than previously estimated live with severe excessive swea … read more

Posted by RANDY CHOI on Jul 19th 2018

What Is Hyperhidrosis? Breaking Down Excessive Sweating

Profuse sweating can control your life. You may try to cover up the pool of sweat forming on your palms or underarms — or avoid going out altogether. But excessive sweating can also be a medical … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Jul 13th 2018

Does Shaving Your Armpits Reduce Sweat?

Treating and concealing sweat stains is a full-time job. At some point, you've probably asked: Does shaving your armpits reduce sweat? It’s a valid question. And in this post, we’ll discuss how arm … read more

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