The Best Sweat Proof Undershirts [Tried & Tested]

If you're looking for the best undershirts for sweat, you've come to the right place. While Thompson Tee has established itself as the leading brand in combating excessive sweat and maintaining a confident appearance without any sweat marks, several brands are vying for attention. So we wanted to analyze their features and benefits and help you make the right buying decision.

We stacked up Thompson Tee to the other players in the field by testing their shirts: Ejis, Numi, Social Citizen, SweatShield, and NanoDri.

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Best All-Around: Thompson Tee

Best for those seeking all-day sweat protection and comfort. It's suitable for anyone dealing with excessive underarm sweating and wanting a reliable, machine-washable solution.

Thompson Tee military green sweat proof undershirts for men and women

Thompson Tee distinguishes itself from other "sweat-resistant" and "moisture-wicking" undershirts by its unique design. The state-of-the-art Hydro-Shield® technology features the only patented, clinical-grade sweat proof material. Its proprietary layering and stitching use reverse osmosis to pull sweat away from your skin, preventing sweat from seeping onto your shirt and keeping your look dry throughout the day.

Unlike other sweat proof shirts, Thompson Tee’s sewn-in pads are neither too thin nor bulky. They’re fully integrated into the overall shirt design and never need adjusting. All Thompson Tees can be machine washed and dried without losing their sweat proof properties, unlike some other undershirts on the market that use chemical treatments that can fade over time.

Style: Men and women

Price: Starting from $32.99

Pads: Fully integrated and never need adjusting

Fabric: 100% premium combed cotton; 95% premium bamboo rayon, 5% spandex

Design: Available in 7 colors, two fits, different necklines, and a long sleeve version for men

Value for money: Thompson Tee accepts returns or exchanges on all opened or used shirts up to 30 days from purchase. The Hydro-Shield® technology does not wear out, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the shirt's life.

Review rating by consumers: 5

Best for Tall Men: Ejis

Ideal for men primarily concerned with underarm odor control. Ejis specializes in neutralizing odor-causing bacteria but may not offer as much sweat absorbency.

Ejis specializes in odor control for underarm perspiration. While their undershirts offer decent sweat protection, their primary focus is neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. Ejis uses SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology, which controls bacteria that cause odors while providing enhanced odor protection. Ejis states that this odor protection will last as long as your Ejis product. Nonetheless, it is a treatment applied to the fabric rather than a native quality.

We observed that Ejis’ underarm pads are thinner than Thompson Tee’s, offering less sweat absorbency. In addition, the shoulders and sleeves and smaller and can cause discomfort.

Ejis undershirts run smaller but are also exceptionally long. While this may be advantageous for tall men or those with long torsos, they are too long for men of average height. When tucked in, this causes bunching or unsightly bumps under pants and shirts.

Pictured on the left is a medium size Thompson Tee vs an extra small size Ejis on the right. Despite the two-size difference, Ejis is still longer.

“While it looks visually more appealing at first glance, without the underarm inseam to keep them in place the Ejis underarm pads don’t sit well when you let your arms down. I felt super self-conscious wearing it, wondering if people could see it bunching under my shirt.” – Claudia, our tester

Style: Men only

Price: Starting from $32.99

Pads: Fully integrated large one-piece waterproof layer

Fabric: 100% cotton, micro modal

Design: Available in 3 colors, one fit, few necklines and long and short sleeve version

Value for money: Ejis offers a 45-day return window only for first-time customers to test just one Ejis undershirt in real life. SILVADUR™ durability ensures that odor protection will last as long as your Ejis product.

Review rating by consumers: 4.5

Best as Outerwear: Social Citizen

Targeted at consumers who prioritize style. However, it does not provide the same level of sweat protection as is better for casual wear rather than as an undershirt.

Social Citizen emphasizes stylish designs targeting those who prioritize fashion. While they offer trendy options, their sweat protection capabilities fall short. Social Citizen’s shirts are designed to be worn as t-shirts, not undershirts. Therefore, they aren’t close-fitting to the body as undershirts should be.

Moreover, Social Citizen’s underarm pads look removable, but they’re not. In trying on a Social Citizen shirt, the pads were bulky, awkward and difficult to position – tending to peek out under the sleeves. The pads are attached at six points in the underarm area, creating loose, uncomfortable gaps.

Overall, they have hard time balancing between functionality and fashion.

“They definitely photoshopped their website pictures! My shirt didn’t look like that when I wore it! First, I couldn’t iron the sleeves well because of the pad getting in the way so I walked around wrinkled. Then, if I lifted or moved my arms, people could see the underarm pad peeking inside the sleeve. And not to mention how uncomfortable it felt because it didn’t stay in one place. It was like wearing a baby diaper!” – Claudia, our tester

Style: Men and women

Price: Starting from $36

Pads: Easily misplaced pads made of 3 layers: water-resistant, absorbent, and waterproof.

Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% spandex

Design: Available in 6 colors, one fit, few necklines and only short sleeve

Value for money: Social Citizen considers sweat proof shirts an intimate product and does not allow returns nor offer refunds, except for factory defects.

Review rating by consumers: 3.8

Best for Back Sweating: SweatShield

Designed for those dealing with excessive sweating and in need of underarm and back protection. However, the thickness of the pads and the fabric choice may make them less suitable for everyday use.

SweatShield is proud of its clinical-grade protection against underarm and back sweat stains. However, since their products are primarily designed for excessive sweating, they are not the best choice for everyday use.

SweatShield’s pads are quite thick, creating a noticeable profile when worn under other shirts. And after each washing, they seem to get even more pronounced.

On the bottom, Sweatshield underarm pads thickness compared to Thompson Tee on the top

Their shirts are made of micro modal, which, while stretchy, isn’t as breathable as cotton and starts pilling after a few wears. In addition, their shirts run small and are the shortest we tested so they have a hard time staying tucked.

Style: Men and women

Price: Starting from $28.99

Pads: Thick underarm barrier

Fabric: Micro modal

Design: Available in 3 colors, one fit, couple of necklines and only short sleeve

Value for money: Sweatshield recommends replacing their undershirts every 12 months. You can return your order within 30 days for a refund or an exchange as long as no more than one shirt of the same type has been opened or worn.

Review rating by consumers: 4.5

Best for Women Who Don’t Sweat a Lot: Numi

Catering exclusively to women, Numi is best for eco-conscious consumers looking for sustainable materials. However, its smaller underarm pads make it less suitable for heavy sweating.

Most expensive of all the sweat proof shirts we evaluated, Numi promotes its sustainable and eco-friendly approach to sweat protection for women. Their undershirts are made from organic materials, which appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.

Their built-in underarm pads made of cotton are noticeably smaller than all the other shirts we evaluated, so not ideal for heavy sweating. In addition, their shirts are much shorter than their competitors.

Style: Women only

Price: Starting from $60

Pads: Smaller pads unsuitable for heavy sweating

Fabric: 90% TENCEL™, 10% lycra

Design: Available in 6 colors, slim fit in regular and cropped length, couple of necklines, cap, long and short sleeve

Value for money: Purchased items are eligible for refund or exchange, depending on the discount given at purchase.

Review rating by consumers: 4.7

Best for Intense Physical Activities: NanoDri

Suited for intense physical activities and high-performance scenarios where moisture-wicking is crucial. Not recommended for all-day sweat protection.

NanoDri boasts advanced Japanese moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry during intense physical activities. Its sweat-repellent outer layer blocks sweat from coming through, leaving your outer garment clean and dry. But while their products excel in high-performance scenarios, they don’t provide the desired level of all-day sweat protection for everyday use.

NanoDri shirts are 100% polyester and have the thinnest pads of any shirt we evaluated. The pads are so thin that it’s difficult to detect that they're there at all, which impacts their sweat-absorbing capabilities. We believe the NanoDri shirt is meant to be worn as a fast-drying performance shirt, not as a sweat-resistant undershirt.

NanoDri underarm pads. So thin that they can’t hold up normal amounts of sweating

Style: Men and women

Price: Starting from $28.99

Pads: Almost invisible but also ineffective

Fabric: 100% polyester which is less breathable and trappint odor

Design: Available in 3 colors, tailored fit, a couple of necklines, long and short sleeve

Value for money: N/A

Review rating by consumers: 4

How to Choose the Right Sweat Proof Undershirt for You

First, take a moment to think about what you’re looking for in a sweat proof undershirt. Here are a few critical factors to consider when putting any sweat proof shirt to the test:

  • Sweat proof technology: You want your undershirt to work properly – no sweat marks or pit stains, period. Ensure you're shopping for shirts that are actually sweat proof and absorbent — not just 'moisture wicking' or 'sweat resistant.'
  • Price: You want high quality without paying an arm and a leg.
  • Design, fit and length: Undershirts and T-shirts are wardrobe staples that should fit well and hold up to daily use and washing. If you’re wearing the garment as an undershirt, make sure it’s comfortable under your clothes and stays hidden with different tops and necklines. It also needs to be long enough to stay tucked in.
  • Return policy or guarantee: Prioritize brands that offer flexible return policies. When choosing a sweat proof undershirt, you’ll want to wear it and wash it before deciding if it’s right for you.

Assessing your needs first will help you decide which undershirts will best suit you.

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Thompson Tee for the Win!

The sweat proof undershirts we vetted are rated highly for combating excessive underarm sweat. But ultimately, Thompson Tee is the frontrunner in sweat proof technology, style options, material and quality.

Thompson Tee takes the crown when it comes to sweat proof undershirts, hands down.

So whether you're suffering from hyperhidrosis, tackling a high-pressure presentation, having an intense workout or enjoying a day out with friends, Thompson Tee has your back. It's the ultimate solution for anyone seeking comfort, style, and the freedom to live without worrying about sweat marks.

Make Thompson Tee your go-to brand for staying sweat-mark-free and confident throughout the day.

Shop men's and women's sweat proof undershirts from Thompson Tee