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Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on May 16th 2017

Why Men Sweat More Than Women & What to Do About It

Guys are renowned for being the smellier, sweatier sex. But is there any truth behind this notion? We tackled the question of why men sweat more than women. According to a study mea … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Aug 11th 2016

10 Foods That Reduce Excessive Sweating

You swipe on a mound of antiperspirant and shower obsessively to control sweat. But what about your diet? Fight Excessive Sweating With These Foods Digestion might not seem like a taxing … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Jan 28th 2016

8 Types of Sweating Problems

Sweating is natural and even refreshing at times — like after a hard-earned workout. But when you sweat profusely without warning, the emotional and psychological side effects can begin t … read more