The Best Sweat Pads for Armpits

For many of us here at Thompson Tee, deodorant or antiperspirant isn’t enough to keep us dry throughout the day. When you have hyperhidrosis or sweat excessively, you need all the help you can get to stay comfortable and confident.

Some people turn to underarm sweat pads for extra sweat protection to avoid pitting out in public and ruining expensive clothing. Sweat pads (or armpit pads) are disposable cotton pads that stick to your clothing or skin to absorb excess sweat.

Some sweat pads can handle more than one use. For example, dress shields and garment guards are washable, reusable shields that attach to your clothing.

There are different types of sweat pads and shields on the market, including:

  • Garment shields that fasten around the torso or arm
  • Underarm pads that adhere directly to the skin
  • Sweat pads that stick to the inside of your clothing
  • Shields that require the use of snaps, tapes or pins or are sewn into your clothing

But not all underarm sweat shields are created equal. Today we’ll put six types of armpit pads to the sweat test and see how they hold up.

6 Best Armpit Sweat Pads

You have many options when it comes to sweat pads for armpits. Here are the best underarm sweat pads we’ve found for stopping excessive sweat:

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirts

If you’re concerned about sweat pad placement and visibility under your clothes, get a Thompson Tee! Thompson Tees have built-in sweat pads that stay put throughout the day. In addition, our washable sweat proof technology eliminates embarrassing wet marks and yellow stains – all in a comfortable, breathable T-shirt that doesn’t require adhesives or pins to stay in place.

Thompson Tees feature Hydro-Shield, the only patented sweat proof armpit pad on the market today. Their versatile styling means you can wear them as an undershirt or on their own, making them an invaluable ally in the battle against dampness and odor.

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirts

Price: From from $32.99

Size: From XS to 3XL for men and XS to 2XL for women

Color: Thompson Tees come in a variety of styles and colors for men and women

Kleinert’s Disposable Underarm Pads

Kleinert’s disposable underarm sweat pads feature an extra-strong peel-and-stick adhesive that’s safe for all fabrics. While highly absorbent and hypoallergenic, reviews indicate that these pads’ large size and color make them hard to place and noticeable under some garment types.

Kleinert’s Disposable Underarm Pads

Price: From $11.00/12 pads

Size: 5.5” x 5”

Color: Available in white and black

CFGROW – Disposable Unisex Underarm Sweat Pads

CFGROW’s underarm shields, available on Amazon, promise comfortable, non-visible, unscented and unflavored (yes, unflavored) armpit protection. Its oversized design suits men and women and can be used on all fabrics except wool. However, customers usually complain that these pads are hard to place and don’t absorb sweat well, leaving your armpits feeling wet.

CFGROW – Disposable Unisex Underarm Sweat Pads

Price: $15.90/80 pads

Size: 5.5” x 5”

Color: White

PURAX Underarm Pads

Rather than using an adhesive that adheres to clothing, PURAX underarm pads stick directly to your skin. They’re not large enough to comfortably cover your entire underarm area, leaving you vulnerable to sweat appearing around the pad. Additionally, some customers indicate they are difficult to remove from your skin (ouch!) and create sensitivity and rashes, making it difficult to wear these daily.

PURAX Underarm Pads

Price: $17.99/30 pads

Size: 5.5” x 5”

Color: Brown

SUPVOX Reusable Armpit Shields

If you want to eliminate waste and lower costs, you might find SUPVOX reusable sweat pads preferable to disposables. These reusable dacron pads attach around your upper arm with a clear plastic band and are machine washable. However, these pads are smaller than other options on this list. In addition, several customers make note that the strap is too small to keep the pads in place effectively.

SUPVOX Reusable Armpit Shields

Price: $11.59/2 pairs

Size: 3.9” x 4.7”

Color: Ivory

Dukars Reusable Underarm Sweat Shields for Women

Dukars old-school option for women is worn over a bra like a vest, keeping removable sweat pads in place with adjustable straps. Women who’ve used themsay that, while effective in stopping sweat stains, its one-size option is designed for smaller-framed women and feels uncomfortable after long wearing.

Dukars Reusable Underarm Sweat Shields for Women

Price: $5.99

Color: Beige

6 Tips for Wearing Sweat Pads for Armpits

  • For maximum effectiveness, consider pairing antiperspirant or deodorant with sweat pads.
  • Make sure the pad you choose is large enough to cover your entire underarm area.
  • Crease pads in the middle before adhering to your clothing or underarm to create a comfortable range of motion.
  • If you’re concerned about sweat pads coming loose, consider using safety pins to secure them to your clothing.
  • Armpit pads that stick to your skin must be used on shaved underarm skin. If you’re unwilling to shave your armpits, this won’t be your best option.
  • Sweat pads probably aren’t ideal for wearing sheer or delicate shirts or blouses, as they will be visible under your clothing.

Make Your Life Easier With Thompson Tee

The founders of Thompson Tee spent over a decade developing a safe and affordable solution to deal with excessive underarm sweating. Thompson Tee’s lightweight layering system traps heat and moisture, allowing it to evaporate rather than seep through your outer layer.

Hydro-Shield is the only patented sweat proof armpit pad on the market today. And best of all, it’s integrated into the underarms of every premium Thompson Tee undershirt. Unlike disposable underarm sweat pads, our sweat proof technology stays put throughout the day, so you don’t have to fuss with adjusting the placement or worry whether it’s visible to others.

If you’ve tried underarm sweat pads without success or want a seamless, easy alternative, try a Thompson Tee risk-free today!