Odor Free Workout Clothes to Stop the Stink

Exercise makes you feel good: body, mind and spirit. What doesn't feel good is leaving a trail of B.O. behind you when you finish a workout. Odor-free workout clothes are designed to combat sweat stink -- but do they work?

In a word, yes! Whether you choose sweat proof or chemically-treated materials, many products are now available to help keep armpit odor and body odor at bay. First, let’s review why workout clothes stink in the first place.

Sweat Doesn't Stink — Your Bacteria Does!

Did you know sweat is actually odorless by itself? Body odor occurs when sweat reacts with bacteria on your skin. Other factors such as lifestyle habits, medical conditions and diet can also affect your body odor level.

Exercise contributes to increased body-cooling sweat production and body odor. When shopping for workout clothes, be wary of labels that promote “sweat-wicking” features. Many of these garments are made with synthetic materials (like polyester) that absorb (not evaporate) moisture, resulting in stinkier clothing.

Synthetic fabrics push sweat away from your body, so while you feel cooler, your sweat (and the unpleasant smell) are exposed to the environment and people around you. Instead, wear natural fibers like cotton, wool or silk. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe, so sweat evaporates faster, which helps prevent odor.

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Are Antibacterial Workout Clothes a Thing?

“Antibacterial” or “anti-odor” technology often entails infusing workout clothes with chemicals and ingredients (like silver nanoparticles) that purport to stop mildew- and odor-causing bacteria from multiplying.

There is still a lack of long-term data on consumer risks and human health effects regarding silver nanoparticles’ toxicity. But be advised that any surface treatments will wash out over time, rendering their odor-preventing qualities useless and washing your money down the drain.

Odor-Free Workout Clothes: Our Picks

Here are our picks for workout clothes that don’t stink -- top to bottom.

  • The best workout shirt for sweating: Thompson Tee Original Fit Crewneck
  • The best women’s shorts for workouts: Under Armour Tech Twist Short
  • The best men’s shorts for workouts: Saxx Sport 2 Life Shorts
  • The best women’s sweats for workouts: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants
  • The best men’s workout pants: Rhone Reign Midweight Jogger
  • The best workout socks: Nike Performance Cushion Low Training Socks

Thompson Tee

Thompson Tee: Best Workout Shirt for Sweat and Odor

Aren’t underarm sweat rings embarrassing? It’s challenging to find workout shirts that don't stink, especially if you sweat a lot.

One of the best short sleeve workout shirts for sweating is the Thompson Tee. Not only do these t-shirts block sweat from showing, but they also feature patented Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology that allows sweat to evaporate, keeping your skin cool and dry. Available for both men and women.

UnderArmour Women’s Tech Twist Short

UnderArmour Best Women's Workout Shorts for Sweat and Odor

Who doesn’t want to stay stink-free while you’re wearing shorts? The UnderArmour women’s Tech Twist Short features quick-drying, ultra-soft fabric. It also features anti-odor technology that wicks sweat and prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

Saxx Sport 2 Life Shorts

Saxx Best Men's Workout Shorts for Sweat and Odor

When you’re ready to invest in your workout gear, look no further than the Saxx Sport 2 Life Shorts. These shorts combine a standard-fit shell with a slim-fit liner and a BallPark Pouch™ to keep your parts frictionless and secure.

Uniqlo Women Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants

Uniqlo Best Women's Joggers for Sweat and Odor

Made with Dry-EX technology and Ultra Stretch material, Uniqlo’s Ultra Stretch Active Joggers feature “astounding” elasticity and quick-drying properties for comfort while lounging or jogging.

Rhone Reign Midweight Jogger

Rhone Men's Joggers for Workouts

Rhone’s Reign Midweight Jogger has Goldfusion fabric treatment technology that contains real gold particles to increase odor control and decrease drying time. Plus, they feature a media pocket and are UPF 50+ for sun protection in the great outdoors.

Nike Performance Cushion Low Training Socks

Nike Performance Socks - Best Workout Clothes for Sweat and Odor

These Nike socks offer Dri-FIT Technology to keep you dry and comfortable. Features reinforced toes and heels for enhanced durability and arch support for a secure fit.

Odor-Free Exercising Tips

Prevent B.O. With a Natural, Odor-Fighting Shirt

Body odor can be a severe problem for regular gym-goers, especially those who suffer from bromhidrosis or axillary hyperhidrosis. You need a workout shirt that won't leave you smelling like an old gym bag so you can focus on getting healthy and melting away your stress.

Fabrics like cotton or rayon from bamboo are a more practical alternative for containing B.O. during your workout. That’s why we chose to use these materials to make our anti-odor and sweat proof undershirts. Our proprietary Hydro-Shield and OdorShield technologies are designed to block sweat and inhibit bacteria's growth, taming body odor.

Try Thompson Tee’s anti-odor shirts, available in crewneck or V-neck styles, or our sweat proof undershirts for men and women.