How to Choose the Best Undershirt For Sweat

Say goodbye to uncomfortable wet marks and hello to unstoppable confidence! This comprehensive guide will explore sweat proof undershirts and how they can transform your daily life. Whether you deal with hyperhidrosis or simply want to look neat at work (and play), we've got you covered with valuable insights and shopping tips.

What Is a Sweat Proof Undershirt?

Sweat proof undershirts are specially engineered garments that serve as a barrier between your body and outer clothing. Their primary purpose is to absorb and prevent sweat from reaching your outer layers, eliminating embarrassing sweat marks and stains.

If you have hyperhidrosis or sweat excessively, including sweat proof undershirts among your wardrobe staples is a must.

Benefits of Wearing Sweat Proof Undershirts

Sweat proof undershirts effectively manage sweat, preventing it seep through your clothes and leave marks while also keeping you feeling fresh all day. They also provide:

  • Enhanced confidence: Feel self-assured in any situation.
  • Clothing protection: Extend the life of your outerwear by keeping it free from sweat damage.
  • Versatility: Wear them under any shirt, uniform or attire for discreet protection.

How Sweat Proof Undershirts Work

Sweat-proof undershirts work like invisible shields against perspiration. They utilize a strategic combination of innovative features, including:

  • Absorbent materials: These undershirts incorporate specialized fabrics with exceptional moisture-absorbing properties. The absorbent materials pull sweat away from your skin, preventing it from seeping through your outer clothing and effectively eliminating embarrassing sweat marks.
  • Sweat-trapping mechanisms: Many sweat proof undershirts feature sweat-trapping layers or zones strategically placed in areas prone to heavy perspiration. These so-called underarm pads  capture and contain sweat, keeping it away from your body and clothes.
  • Advanced fabrics: Cutting-edge fabrics further enhance the undershirt's performance. Some materials are engineered to rapidly wick moisture away from your skin, facilitating quick evaporation and keeping you cool and dry in even the most demanding situations.
  • Breathability and ventilation: Sweat proof undershirts often incorporate breathable and well-ventilated designs. This ensures optimal airflow, reducing heat buildup and allowing moisture to evaporate more efficiently, enhancing overall comfort.

Sweat Proof vs. Sweat Wicking

It's important to differentiate between sweat proof and sweat-wicking undershirts. 

  • Sweat proof undershirts feature advanced technology and materials that create a barrier to prevent sweat from reaching your outer clothing. The primary goal of sweat-proof undershirts is to keep you completely dry, eliminating any visible sweat marks or stains on your shirts. They are ideal for situations where you need maximum protection against sweat, such as during important meetings, presentations, or social events.
  • Sweat-wicking undershirts focus on moisture management. They are made from fabrics that efficiently pull moisture away from your skin and spread it across the fabric's surface, allowing it to evaporate quickly. These undershirts prioritize keeping you cool and comfortable during physical activities, workouts, or hot weather. 

While sweat-wicking undershirts are effective at managing moisture, they may not offer the same protection against visible sweat marks as sweat-proof undershirts.

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Do Sweat Proof Undershirts Help With B.O.?

Yes and no. Not all sweat proof undershirts are specifically designed to combat body odor. However, wearing a sweat proof undershirt is an excellent natural method to prevent B.O.

Opting for natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton or bamboo can effectively combat body odor. In contrast, synthetic materials like polyester and rayon tend to trap moisture and bacteria, resulting in a more pronounced odor and visible sweat marks.

How to Choose the Right Sweat Proof Undershirt

When selecting the perfect sweat proof undershirt, consider the following factors:

  • Your needs
  • Technology
  • Fabric
  • Fit and comfort
  • Style and design

Your Needs

Identify the primary purpose of your sweat proof undershirt, whether it's for managing hyperhidrosis, staying neat at work, for everyday use, or specific activities like sports.


When choosing a sweat proof undershirt, paying attention to the technology used in its construction is essential. Opting for absorbent fabrics over chemically treated ones can provide a more reliable, safe and durable solution for sweat management. 

Additionally, look for reputable brands that invest in research and development to create high-performance sweat proof undershirts. These garments often undergo rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting effectiveness, making them a worthy investment for your comfort and confidence.

Pads: Padding serves as a crucial component in preventing sweat from seeping through to outer layers. However, finding the right balance is essential – the padding should not be too thin, risking potential seepage, nor too thick, which may lead to bulging or discomfort. 

Look for undershirts with well-designed, secure padding that remains firmly in place throughout the day. The pads should be seamlessly integrated into the fabric, preventing them from slipping or shifting out of place, allowing you to go about your day without the need for constant adjustments.

Chemically treated fabrics: Some sweat-proof undershirts use chemically treated materials to enhance their sweat-blocking capabilities. These treatments often include various coatings or finishes that repel moisture and prevent it from reaching the outer layers. 

While effective initially, these chemical treatments may wash out with repeated laundering, reducing the shirt's sweat-proof properties over time. As a result, you may need to replace it sooner than expected.

Absorbent fabrics: On the other hand, high-quality sweat proof undershirts employ absorbent materials as their primary technology. These fabrics have natural moisture-wicking properties, drawing sweat away from your skin and preventing it from seeping through to your outer clothing layer.

Unlike chemically treated fabrics, the effectiveness of absorbent materials does not degrade with washing, ensuring consistent sweat protection wash after wash. This can be a significant advantage as it prolongs the lifespan of the sweat-proof undershirt, saving you money in the long run.

Thompson Tee’s patented sweat proof technology, Hydro-Shield®, completely blocks sweat from showing through your outer layers. Its proprietary layering and stitching uses reverse osmosis to pull sweat away from your skin. Sweat then escapes as vapor, leaving you feeling cool and dry – with no embarrassing wet marks!

Did you know: Thompson Tee is the only sweat proof undershirt brand with patented technology?


Fabrics play a vital role in managing moisture. Think of fabrics as either water-loving (readily absorbing moisture) or water-repelling (those that resist it). Let's explore some common materials you'll encounter in your pursuit of the perfect sweat solution:


Natural fabrics that absorb sweat


Synthetic fabrics that repel moisture



Rayon from bamboo



Cotton/lycra blend


Fit and Comfort

No matter how effective an undershirt is in combating sweat, it’s got to be comfortable! Be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Sizing options: Ensure the undershirt offers a wide range of sizes for the perfect fit.
  • Stretchability and flexibility: Look for shirts with stretchy materials that provide freedom of movement.
  • Seam construction: Opt for flat seams to minimize chafing and maximize comfort.

Pro tip: Enhance your comfort by opting for tagless sweat proof undershirts, eliminating bothersome itchiness and bunching under clothing.

Style and Design

In addition to a good fit, you’ll want a design that works with your wardrobe.

Neckline and sleeve options: Select the neckline and sleeve length that best suit your clothing and style preferences. Popular options include short and long-sleeve crew neck, v-neck and deep v-neck styles.

  • Crew neck undershirts offer a “traditional” undershirt look and can be worn with just about anything. However, the collar on crewneck shirts can often be seen beneath open-collared dress shirts, t-shirts and flannel shirts. 
  • V-neck and deep v-necks hide undershirts under clothing, ideal for button-down shirts. 
  • Short sleeve vs. long sleeve: Sweat proof undershirts traditionally have short sleeves, but long sleeves are ideal for insulation in colder weather.

Color choices: Stop defaulting to white undershirts! Beige and gray undershirts are the best choice for wearing under white shirts, as white undergarments will show through.

Tucked or untucked? Consider the length and fit of your sweat proof undershirt, depending on whether you prefer tucking it in or leaving it untucked. Sweat proof undershirts are traditionally worn tucked in. 

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More Things to Consider When Buying a Sweat Proof Undershirt

When buying a sweat-proof undershirt, keep these six additional factors in mind:

  1. Feel the fabric: A soft undershirt indicates quality, as it likely consists of long fibers that ensure durability.
  2. Watch for pills: Check for signs of pilling (those small fluffy balls on the fabric surface), which can appear after a few wears. High-quality undershirts are less prone to pilling.
  3. Gauge fabric thickness: Hold the shirt up to light to assess its thickness. If it's too sheer, it might not last long.
  4. Test seam strength: Gently pull on the seams to determine the strength of the undershirt. Quality cotton shirts with consistent stitching will resist separating.
  5. Do a scrunch test: Quality cotton shirts should bounce back to their natural state after scrunching, while low-quality ones may stay wrinkled.
  6. Check for flaws: Inspect for uneven seams and loose threads, which may indicate a poorly constructed undershirt with shorter fibers and reduced durability.

Thompson Tee: The OG Sweat Proof Undershirts, Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Ready to take control of sweat management? Sweat proof undershirts provide a non-invasive, effective solution to prevent sweat marks and shield your clothing from unsightly stains caused by sweaty armpits. However, not all sweat-absorbing undershirts are alike, as each brand tailors its designs to specific needs. 

If you sweat excessively throughout the day but don’t want a heavy, sweat-soaked undershirt weighing you down, Thompson Tee is the perfect solution.

Thompson Tee is a leading manufacturer of sweat proof undershirts. Thompson Tees are made with 100 percent premium combed cotton. This super soft, strong, high-quality fiber will hold up through the most intense sweat events and at least a year’s worth of washes.

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