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Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Oct 14th 2016

Friends Don't Let Friends Pit Out: Here's How You Can Help

Mustering up the courage to tell your friend (or co-worker) that he or she needs a Thompson Tee is hard. You don’t want to offend the person, make things awkward — or worse — jeopardize the rel … read more

Posted by RANDY CHOI on Jul 29th 2016

Thompson Tee Helps 50,000 Customers Shield Underarm Sweat

PLACENTIA, Calif.  — Premium American-made undershirt brand, Thompson Tee, announced that it reached a milestone of 50,000 customers. Offering patented sweat proof undershirts, Thompson Tee has … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Mar 21st 2016

Alpha M's 6 Style Tips to Look More Confident Fast

Everyone wants to appear more confident at work and in social situations. But exuding confidence starts with taking the right steps to look and feel better about yourself.Luckily, image expe … read more