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Posted by Billy Thompson on Feb 11th 2019

The Best Antiperspirants — Period

Finding the best antiperspirant is an uphill battle. You want a formula that’s long-lasting, easy to apply, suited to your skin and affordable. You try different brands hoping that one will s … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Jul 25th 2016

Don’t Sweat It: How to Stay Cool in a Suit

Suits never go out of style in business — even when the dreaded 90-degree weather hits. Between your undershirt, dress shirt and suit coat, these layers create a recipe for embarrassing sweat in th … read more

Posted by THOMPSON TEE on Apr 12th 2016

10 Secrets to a Picture-Perfect Wedding

You spend months, maybe even years, planning a fairytale wedding — from the perfect venue down to the flower arrangements. But when the dust settles, your photos are the only living reminder o … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Mar 17th 2016

6 Ways to Stop Pitting Out & Yellow Stains for Good

Yellow stains. The seemingly unavoidable remnants of a stressful day that bring quick death to your favorite dress shirts and T-shirts. Or maybe you've learned your lesson the hard way and avo … read more

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