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Posted by THOMPSON TEE on Nov 12th 2014

“We Sew Red, White, and Blue into Every Stitch”

Made in the USA—you don’t see too much of that anymore. Everything from plastic toys to clothing seems to come from somewhere else these days. High corporate taxes and financial disputes have led ma … read more

Posted by THOMPSON TEE on Oct 8th 2014

The Doctors..

Are you looking for something more than a celebrity endorsement for your favorite products to know if they are really worth it or not? How about a doctor? Not just any doctor, mind you, but the hit TV … read more

Posted by THOMPSON TEE on Jul 7th 2014

News 12 Long Island

Looking for something to help you beat the heat? We all know the joys of the warmer seasons: beach days, picnics, bright sunny days and, well, the heat. Some of us love the 75+ weather, but for those … read more