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Armpit Sweat Pads: The Raw, Irritating, Adhesive Truth

As founders of Thompson Tee, my co-founder Randy and I have dedicated our lives to helping people overcome the embarrassing aspects of armpit sweat and the unforgiving clothing stains that come with it.

We know that, in very rare occasions, armpit sweat pads can be effective. But after trying out many brands, we've found that armpit pads are more limiting than liberating, especially for those who suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis.

First, they must adhere to something. Chances are, when you need to prevent underarm sweat from soaking through your clothing, you’re wearing a button-down business shirt, blouse, sweater, or collared shirt. Rarely will you be wearing a form-fitting shirt that is tight around the armpits. In these situations especially, Randy and I experienced a few notable issues with armpit sweat pads:

  • The pad placement is inconsistent at best

    The added steps of peeling and sticking the pads in your garment and readjusting is an inconvenience many folks can do without in their morning routine.

  • Sweat loosens the adhesive qualities of the armpit pad

    Sweat pads can’t contain much sweat, and once full, they leak. They hold a small amount of sweat but do nothing to release it. As a result, the pad ends up flapping around in your armpit, often making an unwanted appearance to the outside world.

  • Armpit pads can leave a rash or cause skin irritation

    While scanning online reviews, I’ve come across countless horror stories of underarm sweat pads that cause rashes, irritations and even skin darkening. For those with sensitive skin, these simply aren’t an option.

  • They require embarrassing maintenance

    Going to the bathroom, especially in public places, to readjust or change out a new pad can be a total blow to your man card - and not much more merciful in the women’s bathroom. You shouldn't have to be the center of confused stares when dealing with a private matter you'd rather not discuss!

  • The adhesive can ruin your clothing

    Armpit pads stick to your shirt with an adhesive, and over time, this adhesive accumulates on your shirt. Who would want to add that special glue on top of skin irritations and an armpit sweating problem?

The pads just don’t fit correctly for anyone. We believed they should be seamlessly integrated into your clothing so you don’t have to mess with adjusting something underneath your clothes all day long.

As entrepreneurs and excessive sweaters ourselves, Randy and I set out to deliver the best solution possible for casual sweaters and people with axillary hyperhidrosis. Together, we spent over 15 years developing our patented Hydro-Shield swea tproof technology used in every Thompson Tee. We knew sweat pads simply couldn’t handle the amount of sweat people with hyperhidrosis experience.

We are betting on the future. We know that once you purchase a Thompson Tee and find that our standard sizes conform perfectly to your body and stop excessive sweat from getting through, you will buy additional Thompson Tees and tell everyone you know.

And so far, it’s working. 95% of our clients have purchased more than one shirt. If we could sell armpit pads that blocked sweat from penetrating to your outer layer, they would be for sale on our website. Instead, we offer a product that works, for all occasions, with our integrity intact - and your confidence soon to be restored!