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Comparing Armpit Pads Vs. Thompson Tee's Hydro Shield Technology

Armpit pads absorb excess sweat before embarrassing wet marks appear on your favorite shirt. By now, you probably know how armpit pads differ from sweat shields and garment guards. Or maybe you've hacked together your own DIY sweat pads in desperation. But how does the Thompson Tee sweat proof barrier compare to other sweat shields on the market?

Hydro Shield Vs. Armpit Pads

Here are some key differentiators that separate Thompson Tee's sweat proof barrier from armpit pads:

They Don't Require Any Sticking, Pinning or Sewing

Armpit pads and other clothing protectors attach to your shirt or body to trap sweat and prevent it from showing through. Thompson Tees take a different approach. Instead of attaching a sweat pad to your skin or clothes, our sweat shields are built into a soft yet durable undershirt.

sweat shield barrier | Thompson Tee

With Thompson Tee, you eliminate the need to attach a sticky armpit pad to your skin or attempt to carefully pin dress shields to your shirt. Because the pads stay put all day, you don’t have to replace the pad once it fills with sweat or constantly readjust the pad as it moves.

They're the Only Patented Sweat Proof Technology

Did you know Thompson Tees contain the only patented sweat proof barrier on the market?

The layering system completely absorbs underarm wetness before it reaches your outer shirt. As you move around, the sweat proof barrier pulls in air and allows sweat to escape as vapor through reverse osmosis. Your sweat evaporates before anyone sees it.

Thompson Tees were designed for people who sweat moderately and those with  axillary hyperhidrosis. Unlike armpit pads, they can withstand extreme sweat without losing effectiveness.

They're Safe on Clothing and Skin

As they rub across your underarms,  adhesive armpit pads can cause rashes and irritation or leave a residue on your clothing. Instead of harming your expensive clothing, the Thompson Tee sweat shield protects your shirts from wet marks and yellow stains.

Thompson Tees are also made with 100% premium combed cotton and rayon from bamboo — natural odor-fighting materials. If you have sensitive skin or want extra protection against B.O., Thompson Tee is a great substitute for sweat pads.

They Offer a Sweat-Free Guarantee

Thompson Tee has helped more than 50,000 people stop embarrassing sweat marks and save their favorite dress shirts. Unlike most armpit pad brands, we guarantee sweat won’t penetrate the sweat proof barrier — or your money back. We’re so confident you’ll love the Thompson Tee, we even offer a 30-day return policy for all used and unused shirts.

They Fight Odor Naturally

Armpit pads shield extra sweat, but what about odor? Most armpit pads take no measures to mask the smell of odor or treat fabrics with harsh chemicals. Thompson Tees are made with rayon from bamboo — a natural material — that prevents odor.

They're Made in the USA

Few sweat pad brands invest in remaining American-made. At Thompson Tee, each stage of production is completed in the U.S., and all materials are created here, too. We believe in promoting the U.S. economy, fair wages and safe manufacturing standards.

If you’re searching for a solution to underarm sweat, we encourage you try Thompson Tee. Take advantage of our risk-free return policy, and get your confidence back today!