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Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Oct 23rd 2020

How to Make Deodorant at Home | Natural Deodorant Recipe

Natural deodorant is booming in popularity thanks to growing interest in organic, eco-friendly skincare products. But with so many natural deodorant products now available, you might not know where to … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Oct 23rd 2020

10 Best Men's Long Sleeve Shirts (2020 Edition)

Long sleeve shirts could use a little more love. They’re not as popular as their short sleeve counterparts, but they’re just as essential and serve a more practical purpose as the weather cools d … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Oct 1st 2020

8 High-Quality Basics to Solidify Your Wardrobe

High quality basics are foundational for any men’s wardrobe. You need timeless pieces that are easy to match, perfect for layering, or ideal for transitioning from work to play. But finding cloth … read more

Posted by Thompson Tee on Sep 22nd 2020

How to Make a DIY Tie Dye Mask

Are you tired of wearing plain face masks that don’t reflect your style or personality? Tie dye your face mask to update your look without compromising health or safety! Today, we’ll show yo … read more

Posted by Thompson Tee on Sep 20th 2020

How to Get Rid of Pit Stains From Your Favorite Shirts

Let’s talk about pit stains. It’s a problem many people have to deal with, but it’s seldom discussed.Armpit stains are embarrassing, and they can ruin your favorite shirts. And if you've ever tried to … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Sep 16th 2020

7 Different Types of Face Masks Compared

Face masks have become household staples. But recent research has uncovered that not all face masks provide equal protection.How effective is your face mask?Different types of face masks have varying … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Aug 24th 2020

Armpit Sweat Rash: What It Is and How to Get Rid of It

Armpit sweating, especially during summer, is brutal.Excessive sweating can not only result in embarrassing pit stains and unpleasant body odor, but also uncomfortable rashes, known as armpit sweat ra … read more