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Posted by Billy Thompson on May 17th 2018

The Best Deodorants That Prevent Armpit Sweat Stains

You walk out of the restroom and catch a flash of yourself in the mirror. Great. Sweat stains. We’ve all been there. It might be a nerve-wracking first date that gives you stress sweats. Maybe th … read more

Posted by Randy Choi on May 10th 2018

Your Guide to the Best Deodorants for Sweaty Women

You’re rushing to work when you feel them. Sweat stains are forming.There’s nothing worse than feeling embarrassing sweat stains creep through your clothes. And it’s not only guys — women get sweaty … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on May 2nd 2018

What is Iontophoresis? Understanding Electrotherapy for Sweat

If you suffer from the excessive sweating condition known as hyperhidrosis, you might be considering different medical treatments to curb your sweaty symptoms. Iontophoresis is a practical opti … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Apr 24th 2018

Excessive Sweating at Night: Causes and Solutions

Everyone sweats during those gut-wrenching moments, like asking out a date or speaking before a crowd. But if you experience excessive sweating at night, a deeper issue might be to blame.How much y … read more

Posted by Thompson Tee on Apr 24th 2018

Why Do People Sweat? A Guide to Perspiration

We’ve all experienced it. You’re hanging out with friends or about to give a presentation. You feel sweat dripping down you, but everyone else in the room seems like they’re chilling. What gives?Eve … read more

Posted by Billy Thompson on Apr 17th 2018

The Complete Guide to Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Sweaty hands, changing shirts multiple times a day, sweating bullets even in mild temperatures – these are daily struggles for people with hyperhidrosis. If you sweat excessively, you might fee … read more