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Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Aug 21st 2017

How to Get Deodorant Stains Out of Shirts

It's Sunday — and that means time to face reality. You throw your dress shirts in the washing machine, feeling accomplished with your #adulting attempt. The cycle stops, and you inspect your shirts … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Apr 20th 2017

The Truth Behind 5 Controversial Toxins in Antiperspirant

We’re exposed to hundreds of toxins each day – through the food we eat and the air we breathe. In recent years, these chemicals (and their effects on our health) have come under close scrutiny. Tha … read more

Posted by BILLY THOMPSON on Apr 4th 2017

What to Expect When Switching to Natural Deodorant

You need to a way to mask underarm sweat and odor but prefer to avoid harsh chemicals. You might turn to natural deodorants as a healthier, gentler alternative to aluminum antiperspirant and other … read more