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Men's Sweat Proof Long Sleeve Crewneck Undershirt - Pack of 4

Thompson Tee Guarantee Sweat Proof Guarantee

Men's Sweat Proof Long Sleeve Crewneck Undershirt - Pack of 4

Thompson Tee Guarantee Sweat Proof Guarantee

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Bundle & Save on Long Sleeve Shirt Packs.

Stay warm, dry and sweat mark-free wherever you go.

Our long sleeve shirt pack is ideal for managing day-to-day cold sweats, wearing in chilly climates or staying comfortable beneath snow gear or sports gear. You’ll never have to worry about wet marks or sweat stains penetrating your outer layers again!

Each pack of long sleeve shirts contains 4 original fit crewneck undershirts featuring Thompson Tee’s patented sweat proof technology.


Your New Favorite Long Sleeve Undershirt

Our men's long sleeve undershirt combines a luxury undershirt's best features with patented sweat proof technology that stops armpit sweat in its tracks.

This men's long sleeve cotton t-shirt is perfect for managing cold sweats or helping you stay dry and comfortable under layers or sportswear.

Wear the Thompson Tee long sleeve undershirt beneath your favorite hoodie, snow jacket, button-down, uniform or scrubs to add an extra layer of warmth and keep your pits dry.

Our long sleeve undershirt boasts the same sweat proof technology you know and love, just made for colder weather.

Fit Details

The Thompson Tee long sleeve undershirt has the same fit and feel of a traditional undershirt.

Patented Sweat Proof Technology for Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirts

Unbeatable, Sweat Proof Technology


Proprietary design blocks sweat from pentrating clothing and showing through your underarms.


Center seam with separate front and back sweat panels for a sleek, tailored fit and feel.


Patented Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology won't wash out or lose effectiveness over time. Prevent pit stains day after day, wash after wash.

Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirt Features
Feature 1

Ultra-Soft Supima Cotton & MicroModal Blend

Our long sleeve undershirt is made from a blend of premium Supima cotton and Micromodal for a smooth, luxurious feel.

Feature 2

Tagless, Lay-Flat Collar

Itchy, scratchy tags are a thing of the past. Our tagless design ensures the long sleeve undershirt lays flat with no unsightly bunching.

Feature 3

Machine washer and dryer safe

The Thompson Tee long sleeve undershirt can be machine washed in cold or warm water and dried on medium (or lower) heat.

Tuckable Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirt

Long, Tuckable Length That Stays Put

Move through your day freely. Thompson Tee's long, tuckable length stays in place all day. So go ahead and wave those arms around!

Thompson Tee Guarantee

The Original Sweat Proof Undershirt

We're serious when we say no more pit stains. We guarantee sweat won't penetrate the underarm barrier -- or your money back!

Thompson Tee Guarantee

Free Returns

Wear it, wash it and try it. We offer free returns on all opened or used shirts up to 30 days from purchase date. Individual items cannot be returned; all items in the pack must be included for a refund.

Thompson Tee Guarantee

Real Customer Service

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The Thompson Tee Original Fit Long Sleeve Undershirt fits like a traditional undershirt.

XS Chest 32 in / 82 cm
Sleeve 21.25 in
S Chest 34 - 36 in / 86 - 92 cm
Sleeve 21.5 in
M Chest 38 - 40 in / 97 - 102 cm
Sleeve 21.75 in
L Chest 42 - 44 in / 106 - 112 cm
Sleeve 22 in
XL Chest 46 - 48 in / 115 - 122 cm
Sleeve 22.25 in
2XL Chest 50 - 52 in / 127 - 132 cm
Sleeve 22.5 in
3XL Chest 54 - 56 in / 137 - 142 cm
Sleeve 22.75 in
Chest - inches 32 34 - 36 38 - 40 42 - 44 46 - 48 50 - 52 54 - 56
Chest - cm 82 86 - 92 97 - 102 106 - 112 115 - 122 127 - 132 137 - 142
Sleeve Length - inches 21.25 21.5 21.75 22 22.25 22.5 22.75

FAQs about our tees

How is the Thompson Tee different from other "sweat proof" shirts?

The Thompson Tee is the original sweat proof undershirt.

It's the only undershirt backed by a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for our Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology, which completely absorbs and blocks sweat while maintaining breathability. Although others might say "sweat proof," no undershirt can protect you like the proven Thompson Tee, and no other shirt has patented technology to back up such a claim.

Here are a few of the features that make our sweat proof undershirts unique:

  • Proprietary layering and stitching system blocks sweat from seeping through your underarms.
  • Sweat proof technology won’t wash out or lose effectiveness over time.
  • Separate front and back panels to trap sweat effectively, minimize heat build-up and keep you feeling cool.
  • The underarm barriers are created with a center seam design for a sleek, smooth fit that doesn’t bunch under your clothing.

Is the underarm barrier really sweat proof?

YES - We didn't just call it "sweat proof." We earned it! The Thompson Tee is the only patented proprietary design that uses a clinical-grade sweat proof material that completely blocks moisture from passing through. Other shirts may advertise "sweat proof" but don’t hold moisture well. They typically consist of two cotton layers and are often treated with chemicals that could wash out over time. The benefits of our sweat proof technology are native properties, so the shirt will not lose its effectiveness over time. That's why every Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield Sweat Proof Technology comes with a Sweat Proof Guarantee. We guarantee that your underarm sweat won’t penetrate the sweat proof barrier — or your money back!

How does the sweat proof underarm barrier compare to sweat pads?

While armpit pads and sweat shields may absorb some sweat, they do not allow moisture to evaporate. So throughout the day, armpit pads can lose their stickiness due to sweat or become heavy and bulky beneath your shirt.

Unlike sweat shields, garment guards and sweat pads, Thompson Tee's sweat proof barrier is the only patented sweat proof technology available. By trapping sweat and releasing it through evaporation, your sweat won't show through your outerwear. Plus, you won't have to worry about adjusting your sweat pad or changing it out for a new one throughout the day.

For more in-depth information on sweat pads and sweat shields, check out our page dedicated to the topic here.