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Learn how Thompson Tee supports U.S. manufacturing, the fair and ethical treatment of garment workers and the environment by keeping production in the U.S.


Hydro-Shield Sweat Proof Technology is Proudly Handcrafted in the USA!

"As the founders of Thompson Tee, Randy & I believe in supporting our economy, the fair and ethical treatment of garment workers and environmental standards that aren’t found in all international apparel manufacturing territories. So much so, we actually turned down investment offers that wanted us to move production out of the USA. We proudly serve amazing customers in every U.S. state and over 80 different countries worldwide!"

— Billy Thompson, Co-Founder of Thompson Tee

May 31, 2013

A Twist of Fate


When I first started calling around to find U.S. manufacturers, everyone said the same thing: "No one is making undershirts in the USA anymore." After countless failed attempts, I was beginning to accept that fact.

Then one night, I was spilling my frustrations to my wife about possibly having to travel to China and noticed a fortune cookie sitting on the kitchen counter. I cracked it open to find: "Drastic measures are not as necessary as you think."

I knew it was a sign to keep manufacturing in the USA and continue fighting to create jobs here. Coincidentally, my Chinese fortune cookie kept me from manufacturing in China!

Shortly thereafter, I met with Randy (my now business partner) to tell him about my idea for Thompson Tee. As luck would have it, he had 20+ years of domestic garment production experience and also suffered from hyperhidrosis! He knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

That day, our compassion for helping others who sweat excessively was united, and we’ve been working to provide a safe, affordable and convenient solution ever since. Here’s how we are able to produce such a high-quality U.S.-made undershirt for an affordable price:



Like all clothes, we start with the fabric. All of our fabric is converted from high-quality yarn (ring-spun cotton, bamboo, spandex and polyester blends) in the U.S. This includes dyeing and finishing the fabric to Thompson Tee's particular specs to maintain consistency and quality.



The converted fabric then needs to be cut. Our team of licensed U.S. garment cutters first inspect the integrity of the fabric and sample a few yards per roll. They then spread the fabric across long cutting tables in multiple layers. Certain patterns are manually cut while other patterns use a laser-guided cutting machine. The cut patterns are then bundled and prepped for the next step — sewing.



The sewing is performed by U.S. garment-licensed specialty sewing operators, which means NO SWEAT SHOPS for us!



All Thompson Tee undershirts have a screen printed inner neck label that outlines required garment information such as content, origin, sizing and care instructions. Our staff of U.S. garment-licensed screen printers then conduct a second quality inspection before the completed product is folded and bagged for protection.



All of our labels and packaging materials are also made in the U.S.!

The Thompson Advantage

  • We create and keep jobs in the USA!
  • We support the fair and ethical treatment of garment workers.
  • We comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards to protect our environment.
  • We bring our product to you faster.

Check out our initial crowdfunding video to learn more about our process and how we chose innovation over exploitation!

April 9, 2013

See the Thompson Tee in Action

Thompson Tee co-founder Billy Thompson demonstrates how Thompson Tee's Hydro-Shield technology blocks even the most intense moisture.

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"Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed."

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