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first ever national thompson tee commercial airs on msnbc

No one wants to look insecure while presenting to a new client. But once the nerves set in, there’s no stopping massive sweat rings from forming.

If you’ve experienced a similar sweaty situation at work, you’re not alone. That's why we reimagined this common problem in our first Thompson Tee commercial.

We worked with our production company to conceptualize two videos: one 30-second MSNBC commercial exaggerating a common office nightmare and a longer, steamier version. Read more about them below.

MSNBC Thompson Tee Commercial

The concept for the commercial was inspired by customer stories — plus a little creativity.

Presentations are inherently nerve-wracking. Thousands of  Thompson Tee customers have shared similar stories of pitting out on the job.

In the commercial, one businessman’s imagination gets the best of him while prepping for a meeting. Jake’s sweaty fantasy is cut short when his boss calls out the giant sweat circles under his pits. Watch the full commercial here:

Extended Cut Thompson Tee Commercial

Of course, we had to share the longer version (not appropriate for TV). Here's the uncensored, extended cut version:

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