Sweat Proof Undershirts

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Sweat Proof Undershirts

Our patented Sweat Proof Technology stops underarm sweat stains and odor for good.

Over 1 Million Sold

With over 10,000 5-Star Reviews, the Thompson Tee sweat proof undershirt is trusted by thousands worldwide. Combat underarm sweat, protect your clothing and regain your confidence with the best sweat proof shirt on the market.

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Armpit sweat confidence as getting ready for the day
"The best undershirts for men to control armpit sweat"

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The Thompson Tee Difference

Sweat Proof Technology

Patented Sweat Proof Technology

Our sweat-proof shield design allows sweat to escape as vapor, meaning sweat, yellow stains and odor won’t seep through your clothes.

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Made in USA

Highest Quality Materials

All our products are designed in America, and we only source raw materials from the U.S. We partner with American and global facilities and commit to the highest fair labor and environmentally-friendly standards.

Thompson Tee Undershirt Technology
Shirts are machine washable

Machine Washable

Wash your Thompson Tees as often as you like - our sweat proof technology won’t wear out over time.

Shirts are tagless

No Tag

All our shirts are designed with tagless, lay flat collars - no itching or bunching up.